Milestone: Size Downgrade!

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Today I decided to do another side-by-side comparison of the person I am this month physically and the person I was in January, two weeks before starting my weight loss journey. Observe:

The person on the left was wearing plus size 16 Lane Bryant pants, of which she had three identical pairs, because they were the only pants she was willing to leave the house in due to being at an all-time high in weight.

The person on the right just walked in to an Old Navy because her size 12 pants that she picked up a couple months ago are all way too big and even a belt is no longer helping, and she walked out of Old Navy with three pair of SIZE 8 PANTS.

Yep. Size 8. I haven’t wore a single-digit pant size since I was a junior in high school. Even when my fairly slender self went off to college, I was sporting size 10’s, so today was a pretty huge milestone for me. (I’ll admit, I got a little choked up in the fitting room. Don’t tell anyone.)

2010 is definitely going to be a year that I will look back on and feel pretty damn proud. I’m less than 20 pounds from my goal weight, and I’ve never felt better.

Hell, I even bought a DRESS today… and LEGGINGS. I’m pretty sure the apocalypse must be next!

Public Restroom PSA

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Dear users of public restrooms who hover and/or squat above the toilet seat to do their business:


Imagine that you are, as Nelly Furtado would say, like a bird. Make a nest, sit upon it carefully, and then deposit your magical eggs without making the kind of mess that would seem to imply that you believe that you are a toilet gardener and that you have a urine sprinkler in your buttocks that helps baby toilet seedlings grow big and strong.

Listen to Nelly. Be the bird. You do not have a green thumb when it comes to growing toilets, so your sprinkles are not, in fact, helping the environment.


A recently grossed-out albatross

Random things…

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1. Jim is feeling much better since his motorcycle mishap.

2. My novel is going REALLY well so far.

3. WHERE is the dang 4.2 update for the iPad? Gyarr, matey.


Review: Trust Me On This by Jennifer Crusie

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Trust Me on This (Loveswept)Trust Me on This by Jennifer Crusie

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a re-release of an old Crusie novel and it’s okay, but not amazing. Not enough smut, but likable characters and enough humor that it wasn’t a wasted one-night read. Not my favorite Crusie work though.

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Review: Play of Passion by Nalini Singh

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Play of Passion (Psy-Changeling, #9)Play of Passion by Nalini Singh

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

One of the better books in the series. I definitely like the changeling-changeling romances better out of all of the books in this series.

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Fall Dog Frolick

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A few weeks ago, I had the best time ever out in the back yard on a Saturday morning, playing in the leaves with the dogs while Jim was still asleep. These dogs LOVE the colder weather, and I can already see them getting geared up for the snow…

Fall Dog Frolick

Mae was just a total nut, rolling around in the leaves, and for a while just lying like this on her back in the leaves, like she would have been utterly content to lie there for the rest of the morning if Makai wasn’t constantly tackling her.

Fall Pics

What a great morning this was. Stumbling on the pictures recently let me live it all over again. I love my pups… :)

Fall Pics


A Difficult Week

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In case you need a visual on why wearing a face shield is a good idea

Things to be grateful for this week:

1. My mother had surgery and is okay.
2. Jim wrecked his dad’s motorcycle and is okay.
3. This week at work was awful, and it’s over.
4. Writing meeting today with friends was a great outlet. :)
5. I was not on call this week.
6. My friends have been very supportive and awesome in general.
7. My little brothers are a constant source of amusement.
8. In a crisis, I am very calm. I consider this a strength.
9. I have not fallen unmanageably behind in Nanowrimo.
10. My brother Chris is home safe from his cruise and had fun.

Nano Write-In : Horse Speed

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Yep. These are the things that we discuss at Nanowrimo write-ins.

Thoughts for Monday

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1. Hair extensions are gross, Britney Spears. They always look dirty. Yuck yuck yuck.

2. I wrote over 5,000 words for Nanowrimo today. Rockstar! (

3. The premiere of Walking Dead was phenomenal. PHENOMENAL. Go find it and watch it. (

4. Going to the gym after being awake for almost 34 hours straight (minus a short nap) is going to suck. Somehow I have roped myself into going anyway. 5. Halloween weekend was awesome.


Happy Halloween! Trick-or-Treat Recap

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Trick or Treat time!

This year was my first year handing out candy for trick or treat and I’m thinking we were DEFinitely the cool house on our street, with glow sticks and all fun size (NOT mini) bars.

Things I’ve learned:

1. Take little kids in a wagon, because they’re going to tucker out. I saw a LOT of parents with the littlest trick or treaters having to carry their munchkins from door to door.

2. Kids say really surprising things. I had a small vampire girl very seriously ask me if I was going to give her “candy or blooooood.” When startled Brandice asked, “what??” she got quite a disdainful look until she answered “candy.” Another kid told me she liked glow sticks and her mom’s car is grey.

3. Whoever lived here before us used to give out packs of crayons. I think that is hiLARious, and it was the general consensus that we are vastly superior to the crayon people. Kids don’t want crayons for Halloween.

4. Glow sticks are immensely cool, even to those early teens with no costumes who are trick or treating just for the candy and they think they’re the first smart asses to have ever thought of it. (We’ve only had 2 or 3 packs of those though, thankfully.)

5. Candy is tempting. Having a bazillion pounds of it in a perfectly mixed bowl is about the worst thing to do while on Weight Watchers… EVER. Must avoid the fun size Snickers. They are only fun size when you eat ONE, not five. Bullocks.

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